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Norbulingka is a microcosm of Tibetan Culture. Our artisans create products to fulfill our physical environments and spiritual needs:  Furniture, accessories and soft furnishings for interiors, and inspiring traditional thangkas and statues. Created in house by our skilled artisans, Norbulingka products exemplify quality, versatility and creativity.

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Sold outGuru Padmasambhava Applique ThangkaGuru Padmasambhava Applique Thangka
Sold outKids Yak Bag, Purple/PinkKids Yak Bag, Purple/Pink
Kids Yak Bag, Purple/Pink Sale price$65 USD
Sold outWhite Tara Applique ThangkaWhite Tara Applique Thangka
White Tara Applique Thangka Sale price$1,130 USD
Sold outMedicine Buddha Applique ThangkaMedicine Buddha Applique Thangka
Sold outBuddha Shakyamuni Applique ThangkaBuddha Shakyamuni Applique Thangka
Sold outBuray Shawl, Ember OrangeBuray Shawl, Ember Orange
Buray Shawl, Ember Orange Sale price$110 USD
Buray Shawl, Chocolate BrownBuray Shawl, Chocolate Brown
Buray Shawl, Chocolate Brown Sale price$110 USD
Birds & Flowers Anything PouchBirds & Flowers Anything Pouch
Sold outPhoenix Pencil BoxPhoenix Pencil Box
Phoenix Pencil Box Sale price$55 USD
Sold outWool Scarf Herringbone - MaroonWool Scarf Herringbone - Maroon
Snow Leopard T-shirt (Black)Snow Leopard T-shirt (Black)
Wool Scarf Light - Mint GreenWool Scarf Light - Mint Green
Sold outWool Scarf Herringbone - PurpleWool Scarf Herringbone - Purple
Sold outPhoenix Gem BoxPhoenix Gem Box
Phoenix Gem Box Sale price$55 USD
Tibetan Mastiff T-shirt (Black)Tibetan Mastiff T-shirt (Black)
Sold outWool Scarf Light - Sky BlueWool Scarf Light - Sky Blue
Wool Scarf Light - Sky Blue Sale price$50 USD
Sold outKids Yak Hat, Purple/PinkKids Yak Hat, Purple/Pink
Kids Yak Hat, Purple/Pink Sale price$55 USD
Sold outKids Yak Bag, Blue/TurquoiseKids Yak Bag, Blue/Turquoise
Sold outWool Scarf Light - SalmonWool Scarf Light - Salmon
Wool Scarf Light - Salmon Sale price$50 USD
Sold outKids Yak Hat, Blue/TurquoiseKids Yak Hat, Blue/Turquoise
Sold outMaitreya Applique ThangkaMaitreya Applique Thangka
Maitreya Applique Thangka Sale price$1,500 USD
Sold outGreen Tara Applique ThangkaGreen Tara Applique Thangka
Green Tara Applique Thangka Sale price$1,455 USD
Wool Scarf Light - PeachWool Scarf Light - Peach
Wool Scarf Light - Peach Sale price$50 USD
Sold outKids Yak Purse, Blue/TurquoiseKids Yak Purse, Blue/Turquoise
Sold outPhoenix Ambiance LampPhoenix Ambiance Lamp
Phoenix Ambiance Lamp Sale priceFrom $150 USD
Sold outFour armed Avalokitesvara Applique ThangkaFour armed Avalokitesvara Applique Thangka
Sold outMedicine Buddha Applique Thangka -2ftMedicine Buddha Applique Thangka -2ft
Sold outWool Scarf Light - Wine RedWool Scarf Light - Wine Red
Wool Scarf Light - Wine Red Sale price$50 USD
Zambhala Applique ThangkaZambhala Applique Thangka
Zambhala Applique Thangka Sale price$1,410 USD
White Tara (Detailed) Applique ThangkaWhite Tara (Detailed) Applique Thangka
Sold outVajrapani Applique ThangkaVajrapani Applique Thangka
Vajrapani Applique Thangka Sale price$1,195 USD
Sold outKids Yak Purse, Purple/PinkKids Yak Purse, Purple/Pink
Kids Yak Purse, Purple/Pink Sale price$55 USD
Snow Leopard T-shirt (White)Snow Leopard T-shirt (White)
Tibetan Mastiff T-shirt (White)Tibetan Mastiff T-shirt (White)
Sold outFour Armed Avalokiteshvara Applique Thangka -2ftFour Armed Avalokiteshvara Applique Thangka -2ft
Sold outManjushri Applique ThangkaManjushri Applique Thangka
Manjushri Applique Thangka Sale price$1,435 USD