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The Norbulingka Design team adapted the skills used in making applique thangkas to create a home range of soft furnishings and wall hangings. These draw from the rich repertoire of traditional Tibetan motifs such as flowers, animals, and symbols using silks, linens and cottons.

Appliqué is a teamwork process, the product of many hours of care and the hands of many craftswomen. The master creates a stencil of the design on tracing paper and perforates the outline with small holes. The stencil is then placed on different colored cloth and rubbed with chalk powder so the image will be transferred. The pieces are cut, the edges lined in silk-wrapped cord, and sewn to the base. Finally, the dozens of parts are ironed and sewn together, reconstituting the image in a colorful, layered effect.

Our artisans are at the core of the unique pieces that were designed for the home by our creative team, who work side by side with our thangka painters, taking traditional motifs to a contemporary setting.

The Wanderer Collection

The Wanderer collection is for those who cherish the essentials in life. Our clothes put the wearer first, with comfort rated above all. The look is simple, inspired by Tibetan, Indian, and Central Asian themes; the fabrics are drawn from the best India has to offer, which is natural, rugged, and finest, all thoroughly handmade, with centuries of use to vouch for. All are 100% cotton, grown, hand spun, and woven in India; khadis of various thicknesses and fine muslins in single or multiple layers. We add a few wools hand-woven in Himachal for winter from local wool.

The Norbulingka tailors, with their two decades of experience, are the heart and soul of our collection. Their meticulous attention to detail, consistency in sizes, and intimate knowledge of the fabrics they use, instill a sense of confidence in the craftsmanship of our pieces. The result is clothing that will stand the test of time, reflecting the rich history and elegance that lies behind each stitch.

Our Master

Lhamotso, Tailoring Design Master