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Art Workshops

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For those wishing to try their hands at Tibetan arts, Norbulingka offers workshops ranging from one day to longer period of time. Courses are designed based on the time and interest of individuals and groups; they are a great way to learn more about the sophistication of Tibetan culture. At the end of each workshop, guests will have a beautiful product (or many!) to take home with them, which they themselves have created, as well as a certificate recognizing their study at Norbulingka.

There is no application process for the workshops, guests are welcome to join at any time and stay as long as their schedule allows. The structure of the workshop is not a formal class, but more of an immersion experience. Guests will have the chance to join one of Norbulingka's studios and work alongside our artists. Under the supervision of a master, participants will be aided in creating a series of projects, based on the traditional curriculum any beginning apprentice would follow. This customizable style of workshop allows us to accommodate any length of stay, and adapt the curriculum to suit guests' specific needs. Longer staying visitors love the environment of the Norbulingka studios and easily become part of our community!

We have workshops available in thangka painting, wood painting, wood carving, and appliqué. The fees for the workshops are 2000rs. for full day per person and 1500rs. for half day per person, the fees for the course include instruction as well as all course materials.

During the workshop, guests can either book your stay at the Norling Guesthouse, located within the Norbulingka campus, OR we have accommodation available within the campus for package bookings. Please email with your requirements.

You can check out the workshop curriculum for each art form below, and email us with any queries.

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