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Norbulingka is a microcosm of Tibetan Culture. Our artisans create products to fulfill our physical environments and spiritual needs:  Furniture, accessories and soft furnishings for interiors, and inspiring traditional thangkas and statues. Created in house by our skilled artisans, Norbulingka products exemplify quality, versatility and creativity.

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Ipad Case, Birds & Flowers - NaturalIpad Case, Birds & Flowers - Natural
Ipad Case, Birds & Flowers - BlackIpad Case, Birds & Flowers - Black
Ipad Case, Birds & Flowers - Black Sale priceFrom
Sold outThousand Armed Avalokiteshvara Painted ThangkaThousand Armed Avalokiteshvara Painted Thangka
Horse Riders Tote & Pouch Set, NaturalHorse Riders Tote & Pouch Set, Natural
Sold outMaitreya Applique ThangkaMaitreya Applique Thangka
Maitreya Applique Thangka Sale price
Dzi Makeup PouchesDzi Makeup Pouches
Dzi Makeup Pouches Sale price
Dragon Cushion Cover SetDragon Cushion Cover Set
Dragon Cushion Cover Set Sale price
Kalachakra Painted ThangkaKalachakra Painted Thangka
Kalachakra Painted Thangka Sale price
Vajrabhairava Solitary Hero Painted ThangkaVajrabhairava Solitary Hero Painted Thangka
Vajrayogini Painted ThangkaVajrayogini Painted Thangka
Vajrayogini Painted Thangka Sale price
Green Tara Painted ThangkaGreen Tara Painted Thangka
Green Tara Painted Thangka Sale price
Sold outFour Armed Avalokiteshvara Painted ThangkaFour Armed Avalokiteshvara Painted Thangka
Dzi Baby Bedding SetDzi Baby Bedding Set
Dzi Baby Bedding Set Sale price
White Tara 6-inch StatueWhite Tara 6-inch Statue
White Tara 6-inch Statue Sale price
Vajrapani 12-inch StatueVajrapani 12-inch Statue
Vajrapani 12-inch Statue Sale price
Sold outGreen Tara Applique ThangkaGreen Tara Applique Thangka
Green Tara Applique Thangka Sale price
Parrots Gem BoxParrots Gem Box
Parrots Gem Box Sale price
Sold outVijaya 6-inch StatueVijaya 6-inch Statue
Vijaya 6-inch Statue Sale price
Sold outEternal Knot Cushion Cover Set (Blue)Eternal Knot Cushion Cover Set (Blue)
Dzi Paneled Cushion Cover SetDzi Paneled Cushion Cover Set
Dzi Paneled Cushion Cover Set Sale priceFrom
Sold outAvalokiteshvara Mandala Painted ThangkaAvalokiteshvara Mandala Painted Thangka
Wool Scarf Light - PeachWool Scarf Light - Peach
Wool Scarf Light - Peach Sale price
Auspicious Symbols Carved Table Lamp (Green)Auspicious Symbols Carved Table Lamp (Green)
Sold outVase of Treasure Applique Wall HangingVase of Treasure Applique Wall Hanging
Sold outKids Yak Purse, Blue/TurquoiseKids Yak Purse, Blue/Turquoise
Sold outShri Devi - Palden Lhamo Painted ThangkaShri Devi - Palden Lhamo Painted Thangka
Cascading Dzi Cushion Cover SetCascading Dzi Cushion Cover Set
Sold outEight Medicine Buddhas Painted ThangkaEight Medicine Buddhas Painted Thangka
Sold outPhoenix Ambiance LampPhoenix Ambiance Lamp
Phoenix Ambiance Lamp Sale priceFrom
White Tara Painted ThangkaWhite Tara Painted Thangka
White Tara Painted Thangka Sale price
Guru Padmasambhava Painted ThangkaGuru Padmasambhava Painted Thangka
Maitreya Painted ThangkaMaitreya Painted Thangka
Maitreya Painted Thangka Sale price
Manjushri 12-inch StatueManjushri 12-inch Statue
Manjushri 12-inch Statue Sale price
Zambhala (Gold) 5-inch StatueZambhala (Gold) 5-inch Statue
Guru Padmasambhava 14-inch StatueGuru Padmasambhava 14-inch Statue
Sold outGreen Tara 12-inch StatueGreen Tara 12-inch Statue
Green Tara 12-inch Statue Sale price
Buddha Amitayus 12-inch StatueBuddha Amitayus 12-inch Statue
Buddha Amitayus 6-inch (Gold) StatueBuddha Amitayus 6-inch (Gold) Statue
Sold outFour armed Avalokitesvara Applique ThangkaFour armed Avalokitesvara Applique Thangka
Sold outParrots Pencil BoxParrots Pencil Box
Parrots Pencil Box Sale price
Fish Gem BoxFish Gem Box
Fish Gem Box Sale price
Sold outFish Pencil BoxFish Pencil Box
Fish Pencil Box Sale price
Birds and Flowers Baby Bedding SetBirds and Flowers Baby Bedding Set
Sold outYaks Baby Bedding SetYaks Baby Bedding Set
Yaks Baby Bedding Set Sale price
Manjushri 6-inch (Gold) StatueManjushri 6-inch (Gold) Statue
Tse Lha Nam Sum Painted ThangkaTse Lha Nam Sum Painted Thangka
Tse Lha Nam Sum Painted Thangka Sale price
Vijaya (black based) Painted ThangkaVijaya (black based) Painted Thangka
Guru Padmasambhava (colour) Painted ThangkaGuru Padmasambhava (colour) Painted Thangka