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Vijaya (Gold) 6-inch

Sale price$885 USD

Vijaya is a female Bodhisattva of longevity. Her practice is said to protect against worldly disasters, lengthen life span, and bring happiness and wisdom.

Young and beautiful, Vijaya wears the ornaments of a dakini and possesses eight arms and three faces. Her central face is white and her demeanor peaceful, signifying that she is an antidote to sickness and injuries. Her right face is yellow and slightly wrathful, representing her as a granter of longevity, while the blue face represents that she is a protector against negative karma. In her arms she carries arrows, a Vajra, a Buddha idol, a noose, bows, and a chalice containing nectar.

Statue height is 6" / 15 cm

Vijaya (Gold) 6-inch Statue
Vijaya (Gold) 6-inch Sale price$885 USD