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Norbulingka is a microcosm of Tibetan Culture. Our artisans create products to fulfill our physical environments and spiritual needs:  Furniture, accessories and soft furnishings for interiors, and inspiring traditional thangkas and statues. Created in house by our skilled artisans, Norbulingka products exemplify quality, versatility and creativity.

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Buray Shawl, Natural IvoryBuray Shawl, Natural Ivory
Buray Shawl, Natural Ivory Sale price
Sold outGuru Padmasambhava Applique ThangkaGuru Padmasambhava Applique Thangka
Sold outKids Yak Bag, Purple/PinkKids Yak Bag, Purple/Pink
Kids Yak Bag, Purple/Pink Sale price
Curlicue Teepee SetCurlicue Teepee Set
Curlicue Teepee Set Sale price
Crane Applique Cushion CoverCrane Applique Cushion Cover
Crane Applique Cushion Cover Sale priceFrom
Auspicious Symbols Carved Wall Hanging (Individual)Auspicious Symbols Carved Wall Hanging (Individual)
Sold outWhite Tara Applique ThangkaWhite Tara Applique Thangka
White Tara Applique Thangka Sale price
Crane Pencil BoxCrane Pencil Box
Crane Pencil Box Sale price
Tiger Gem BoxTiger Gem Box
Tiger Gem Box Sale price
Sold outMedicine Buddha Applique ThangkaMedicine Buddha Applique Thangka
Buddha Amitayus Painted ThangkaBuddha Amitayus Painted Thangka
Manjushri 6-inch StatueManjushri 6-inch Statue
Manjushri 6-inch Statue Sale price
Tibetan Pillar Lamp, RedTibetan Pillar Lamp, Red
Tibetan Pillar Lamp, Red Sale priceFrom
Guru Padmasambhava 6-inch StatueGuru Padmasambhava 6-inch Statue
Sold outEight Auspicious Symbols Carved Wall Hanging (Set)Eight Auspicious Symbols Carved Wall Hanging (Set)
Sold outBuddha Amitayus Applique ThangkaBuddha Amitayus Applique Thangka
Sold outWhite Tara (Gold) 6-inch StatueWhite Tara (Gold) 6-inch Statue
Sold outBuddha Shakyamuni Applique ThangkaBuddha Shakyamuni Applique Thangka
Buray Shawl, Mustard YellowBuray Shawl, Mustard Yellow
Buray Shawl, Mustard Yellow Sale price
Medicine Buddha Painted ThangkaMedicine Buddha Painted Thangka
Gao Photo FrameGao Photo Frame
Gao Photo Frame Sale priceFrom
Buddha Shakyamuni 6-inch StatueBuddha Shakyamuni 6-inch Statue
Sold outGreen Tara (Gold on Green) Painted ThangkaGreen Tara (Gold on Green) Painted Thangka
Buray Shawl, Monk RedBuray Shawl, Monk Red
Buray Shawl, Monk Red Sale price
Flower Photo FrameFlower Photo Frame
Flower Photo Frame Sale priceFrom
Sold outDzipak Essential Gem BoxDzipak Essential Gem Box
Dzipak Essential Gem Box Sale price
Medicine Buddha 6-inch StatueMedicine Buddha 6-inch Statue
Sold outBuddha Shakyamuni (Detailed) Applique ThangkaBuddha Shakyamuni (Detailed) Applique Thangka
Paradise Flycatcher Ambiance LampParadise Flycatcher Ambiance Lamp
Paradise Flycatcher Ambiance Lamp Sale priceFrom
Dragon Gem BoxDragon Gem Box
Dragon Gem Box Sale price
Sold outFaces of Tibetan Makeup PouchesFaces of Tibetan Makeup Pouches
Tibetan Pillar Lamp, BlackTibetan Pillar Lamp, Black
Tibetan Pillar Lamp, Black Sale priceFrom
Sold outPeacock Applique Cushion CoverPeacock Applique Cushion Cover
Sold outKalachakra Mandala Painted ThangkaKalachakra Mandala Painted Thangka
Eternal Knot Applique Cushion Cover (Red)Eternal Knot Applique Cushion Cover (Red)
Brocade Flower Stationery BoxBrocade Flower Stationery Box
Sold outCrane Applique Wall HangingCrane Applique Wall Hanging
Crane Applique Wall Hanging Sale price
Eternal Knot Applique Cushion Cover (Blue)Eternal Knot Applique Cushion Cover (Blue)
Sold outBuray Shawl, Ember OrangeBuray Shawl, Ember Orange
Buray Shawl, Ember Orange Sale price
Buray Shawl, Chocolate BrownBuray Shawl, Chocolate Brown
Buray Shawl, Chocolate Brown Sale price
Sold outPrayer Wheel Night LampPrayer Wheel Night Lamp
Prayer Wheel Night Lamp Sale price
Sold outParadise Flycatcher Pencil BoxParadise Flycatcher Pencil Box
Sold outTiger Pencil BoxTiger Pencil Box
Tiger Pencil Box Sale price
Sold outPeonies Applique Cushion CoverPeonies Applique Cushion Cover
Sold outParrots Applique Cushion CoverParrots Applique Cushion Cover
Dzi Door CurtainDzi Door Curtain
Dzi Door Curtain Sale priceFrom
Sold outParadise Flycatchers Stationery BoxParadise Flycatchers Stationery Box
Birds & Flowers Anything PouchBirds & Flowers Anything Pouch