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White Tara Applique Thangka

Sale price$1,130 USD

Thangka with brocade border 36 x 28 inches (91 x 71cm)
Thangka without brocade border 18 x 14 inches (46 x 36cm)
Please inquire if you wish to order without the brocade border. 

The White Tara comes from the twenty-one tears of sadness of Avalokiteshvara, and offers protection against the eight fears. Her right hand rests at her knee in the gesture of generosity. She has seven eyes– three on her face, one on the palm of each hand, and one on the sole of each foot. Her full breasts represent the realization of emptiness she bestows on those who follow her practice while the eye in the middle of her forehead represents her attainment of omniscience.

Each thangka is created using traditional methods and strictly adhering to the proportions of deities as they are laid down in Buddhist scripture. Our appliqu̩éd thangkas are created using hundreds of hand-cut and embroidered pieces of satin and brocade silk, stitched together with Mongolian horsetail Each piece is witness to a unique tradition that survives intact to this day.
The thangka comes framed in a traditional silk brocade border.

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