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Guru Padmasambhava 6-inch

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According to legend, Padmasambhava was born not from a woman, but as an eight year-old boy in the center of a lotus in North India. He played a crucial role in the introduction of Buddhism to Tibet, subduing the defiant local spirits and founding the first tantric sect, the Nyingmas.

In 760, the Tibetan king Trisong Detsen invited Padmasambhava to Tibet to subdue the local spirits that were obstructing the establishment of Buddhism. The king had been attempting to build the first monastery in Tibet, but local spirits demolished by night the work that had been done during the day.

Padmasambhava agreed to travel to Tibet, and after subduing the strongest among the demons, none dared to challenge his authority. Some even converted to Buddhism, and remain to this day guardians of Buddhism in Tibet. In fact, Samye, the first great monastery in Tibet, was partially built by these spirits.

In Tibet, Padmasambhava hid many teachings called  Terma, “hidden treasures,” which were to be revealed later when the time was right. The adepts who reveal these treasures are known as Tertons or “Treasure Revelers,” and have played an important role in the Nyingma tradition.

Statue height is 6" / 15 cm

Guru Padmasambhava 6-inch Statue
Guru Padmasambhava 6-inch Sale price$470 USD