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Dzi Door Curtain

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For many centuries dZi beads have held an important place in Tibetan culture. Viewed as precious, they are sought after for both their monetary value and the magical powers ascribed to them. The mysteries surrounding their origin, their fortune-granting and protective powers, as well as the sheer beauty of these beads give them a status that is both mythical and real.

Doors mark the entrance into a home, the family’s private realm. In Tibet, doors were heavy and definitive and a closed door carried the connotation of absence or danger, leaving them open meant a lack of privacy, giving rise to an in-between solution, the door curtain. It could vary in weight and design, but it was usually made of thickly linen cotton and comprised four panels that were either plain or ornamented with an auspicious appliqued motif. The base would be white with a contrasting blue or black main color and a pleated ‘skirt’ or shamburan up the top. 

A curtain is a must in any Tibetan home, and integral part of what gives an interior not only a Tibetan look, but marks a way of life. One can be open to visitors while shielding the inside of a room from passersby. In winter, it keeps the space warm, in summer; it can be lifted to let a breeze flow through. The door curtain is versatile and decorative and Norbulingka has given it a new twist and a contemporary look.
Screen printed on durable cotton canvas panels, fully lined.

Small: 32" W x 72" H (81 x 183 cm)
Large: 36" W x 72" (91 x 183 cm)

Dzi Door Curtain
Dzi Door Curtain Sale price$105 USD