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Buddha Amitabha

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Once in the distant past there was a prince known as Choeke Jungne. From an early age he was filled with a profound wish to reach the higher consciousness of an enlightened being, and acting upon his inclination to practice the Dharma, he renounced his kingdom to seek teachings from the Buddha of that age. He prayed to the Buddha to manifest a pure land where beings could pursue the path of Dharma without obstacles, and the Buddha answered his prayer.

Filled with meadows and lush forests, the realm of Dewachen is said to be free from worldly sorrows and their causes, a realm where everyone walks on the path of Dharma without hindrance. Amitabha, meaning lord of boundless light, attained full enlightenment in the realm of his prayer, and is the teacher of Dharma there. As a buddha endowed with the power to emanate multiple manifestations, simultaneously he is known to appear as Amitayus - meaning lord of boundless life – in a realm outside of Dewachen.

Amitabha is depicted here red hued and wearing the garb of a renunciate. In his hand he carries a begging bowl, representing his generosity in giving teachings of the Dharma. The gesture of his closed hands represents the union of the two conditions of enlightenment– wisdom and effort. The tip of his crown represents the boundless merit he has accumulated as a Bodhisattva.

The thangka comes framed in a traditional silk brocade border.

Thangka with brocade border: 28" W x 36" H (71 x 91 cm)
Thangka without brocade border: 14" W x 18" H (36 x 46 cm)

Buddha Amitabha Painted Thangka
Buddha Amitabha Sale price