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Painted Thangkas

Each thangka is created using traditional methods and strictly adhering to the proportions of deities as they are laid down in Buddhist scripture. The colors are natural, extracted from plants and minerals, and adorned with 24k gold paint. Each piece is witness to a unique tradition that survives intact to this day.

Please note, the painted and appliquéd Thangkas come with a brocade border. Please contact us, if you would like the Thangka without a border.

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Amitayus Mandala Painted ThangkaAmitayus Mandala Painted Thangka
Amitayus Mandala Sale price$1,580 USD
Avalokiteshvara Mandala Painted ThangkaAvalokiteshvara Mandala Painted Thangka
Avalokiteshvara Mandala Sale price$1,580 USD
Buddha Amitabha Painted ThangkaBuddha Amitabha Painted Thangka
Buddha Amitabha Sale price$880 USD
Buddha Amitayus Painted ThangkaBuddha Amitayus Painted Thangka
Buddha Amitayus Sale price$905 USD
Buddha Shakyamuni Painted ThangkaBuddha Shakyamuni Painted Thangka
Buddha Shakyamuni Sale price$1,095 USD
Eight Medicine Buddhas Painted ThangkaEight Medicine Buddhas Painted Thangka
Eight Medicine Buddhas Sale price$3,225 USD
Image Pending
Eleven Headed Avalokiteshvara Painted ThangkaEleven Headed Avalokiteshvara Painted Thangka
Eleven-Headed Avalokiteshvara Sale price$1,135 USD
Four Armed Avalokiteshvara Painted ThangkaFour Armed Avalokiteshvara Painted Thangka
Four-Armed Avalokiteshvara Sale price$1,145 USD
Sold outFour Armed Avalokiteshvara Painted Thangka (5ft)Four Armed Avalokiteshvara Painted Thangka (5ft)
Green Tara Painted ThangkaGreen Tara Painted Thangka
Green Tara Sale price$1,165 USD
Green Tara (Gold on Green) Painted ThangkaGreen Tara (Gold on Green) Painted Thangka
Green Tara (Gold on Green) Sale price$885 USD
Guru Padmasambhava Painted ThangkaGuru Padmasambhava Painted Thangka
Guru Padmasambhava Sale price$995 USD
Guru Padmasambhava (colour) Painted ThangkaGuru Padmasambhava (colour) Painted Thangka
Guru Padmasambhava (colour) Sale price$1,230 USD
Sold outImage Pending
Jamyang Rignga Sale price$2,545 USD
Kalachakra Painted ThangkaKalachakra Painted Thangka
Kalachakra Sale price$1,315 USD
Sold outKalachakra Mandala Painted ThangkaKalachakra Mandala Painted Thangka
Kalachakra Mandala Sale price$4,095 USD
Mahakala (black based) Painted ThangkaMahakala (black based) Painted Thangka
Mahakala (black based) Sale price$950 USD
Maitreya Painted ThangkaMaitreya Painted Thangka
Maitreya Sale price$1,180 USD
Manjushri Painted ThangkaManjushri Painted Thangka
Manjushri Sale price$915 USD
Medicine Buddha Painted ThangkaMedicine Buddha Painted Thangka
Medicine Buddha Sale price$885 USD
Rig Sum Gonpo Painted Thangka Rig Sum Gonpo Painted Thangka
Rigsum Gonpo Sale price$2,250 USD
Saraswati Painted ThangkaSaraswati Painted Thangka
Saraswati Sale price$1,095 USD
Shri Devi - Palden Lhamo Painted ThangkaShri Devi - Palden Lhamo Painted Thangka
Shri Devi - Palden Lhamo Sale price$970 USD
Six Armed Mahakala Painted ThangkaSix Armed Mahakala Painted Thangka
Six-Armed Mahakala Sale price$1,005 USD
Thousand Armed Avalokiteshvara Painted ThangkaThousand Armed Avalokiteshvara Painted Thangka
Thousand-Armed Avalokiteshvara Sale price$1,305 USD
Tse Lha Nam Sum Painted ThangkaTse Lha Nam Sum Painted Thangka
Tse Lha Nam Sum Sale price$2,295 USD
Vajrabhairava Solitary Hero Painted ThangkaVajrabhairava Solitary Hero Painted Thangka
Vajrabhairava Solitary Hero Sale price$1,100 USD
Vajrapani Painted ThangkaVajrapani Painted Thangka
Vajrapani Sale price$910 USD
Vajrayogini Painted ThangkaVajrayogini Painted Thangka
Vajrayogini Sale price$930 USD
Vijaya Painted ThangkaVijaya Painted Thangka
Vijaya Sale price$1,235 USD
Vijaya (black based) Painted ThangkaVijaya (black based) Painted Thangka
Vijaya (black based) Sale price$1,055 USD
Wheel of Life Painted Thangka (5ft)Wheel of Life Painted Thangka (5ft)
Wheel of Life (5ft) Sale price$1,795 USD
White Tara Painted ThangkaWhite Tara Painted Thangka
White Tara Sale price$1,170 USD
Sold outWhite Tara Painted Thangka (5ft)White Tara Painted Thangka (5ft)
White Tara (5ft) Sale price$1,670 USD
Zambhala Painted ThangkaZambhala Painted Thangka
Zambhala Sale price$1,105 USD