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Shri Devi - Palden Lhamo

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Palden Lhamo is one of the principle guardian gods of Buddhism in Tibet, particularly of the Geluk school. Unlike most other protector deities, she is considered a realized adept in the Tantric path and hence receives more reverence than other protector deities, such as those tamed by Padmasambhava. Being so, she is one of the very few guardian deities considered worthy of prostration.The first mention of Palden Lhamo in the annals of Tibetan history is of her swearing allegiance to the first Dharma king Songtsen Gampo. Palden Lhamo became more intertwined with Tibetan history through her relationship with the successive Dalai Lamas, beginning with the many visions the great first DalaiLama had of her from early childhood.

Wrathful, fanged, and ornamented with a necklace of skulls, she rides a mule across a sea of blood bearing a skull cup filled with blood.

The thangka comes framed in a traditional silk brocade border.

Thangka with brocade border: 28" W x 36" H (71 x 91 cm)
Thangka without brocade border: 14" W x 18" H (36 x 46 cm)

Shri Devi - Palden Lhamo Painted Thangka
Shri Devi - Palden Lhamo Sale price$970 USD