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Norbulingka Concept Store


Step into a world of Tibetan craftsmanship and tradition at the Norbulingka Concept Store within Norbulingka Institute. Discover an exquisite collection of handcrafted treasures, each meticulously crafted by skilled artisans. From intricate thangka paintings to vibrant textiles, traditional pottery to intricately carved woodwork, our shop showcases the finest examples of Tibetan artistry. Whether you're searching for a unique souvenir or a timeless piece to adorn your home, our curated selection offers something for every discerning taste. Immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage of Tibet as you explore the treasures awaiting you at the Norbulingka Concept Store.

Norbulingka Institute, PO Sidhpur, Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh 176057

Phone Number

9:00 AM–6:00 PM
Open 7 days a week

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