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Our accessories are designed and made at Norbulingka. They draw inspiration from the vast repository of Tibetan decorative arts, bringing a live tradition into today’s world.

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Buray Shawl, Natural IvoryBuray Shawl, Natural Ivory
Buray Shawl, Natural Ivory Sale price
Amethyst MalaAmethyst Mala
Amethyst Mala Sale priceFrom
Buray Shawl, Monk RedBuray Shawl, Monk Red
Buray Shawl, Monk Red Sale price
Yellow Tiger Eye MalaYellow Tiger Eye Mala
Yellow Tiger Eye Mala Sale priceFrom
Wool Scarf Light - Mint GreenWool Scarf Light - Mint Green
Malachite MalaMalachite Mala
Malachite Mala Sale priceFrom
Sold outLabradorite MalaLabradorite Mala
Labradorite Mala Sale priceFrom
Sold outWool Scarf Light - SalmonWool Scarf Light - Salmon
Wool Scarf Light - Salmon Sale price
Carnelian (High Quality) MalaCarnelian (High Quality) Mala
Rose Quartz MalaRose Quartz Mala
Rose Quartz Mala Sale priceFrom
Crystal MalaCrystal Mala
Crystal Mala Sale price
Bloodstone MalaBloodstone Mala
Bloodstone Mala Sale priceFrom
Sold outWool Scarf Light - Wine RedWool Scarf Light - Wine Red
Wool Scarf Light - Wine Red Sale price
Red Carnelian MalaRed Carnelian Mala
Red Carnelian Mala Sale priceFrom
Rosewood MalaRosewood Mala
Rosewood Mala Sale priceFrom
Sold outHowlite MalaHowlite Mala
Howlite Mala Sale price
Wool Scarf Light - PeachWool Scarf Light - Peach
Wool Scarf Light - Peach Sale price
Sold outWool Scarf Herringbone - PurpleWool Scarf Herringbone - Purple
Sold outBuray Shawl, Ember OrangeBuray Shawl, Ember Orange
Buray Shawl, Ember Orange Sale price
Sold outBrown Amber MalaBrown Amber Mala
Brown Amber Mala Sale price
Sold outLapis Lazuli MalaLapis Lazuli Mala
Lapis Lazuli Mala Sale price
Sold outBlue Turquoise MalaBlue Turquoise Mala
Blue Turquoise Mala Sale price
Buray Shawl, Chocolate BrownBuray Shawl, Chocolate Brown
Buray Shawl, Chocolate Brown Sale price
Pearl MalaPearl Mala
Pearl Mala Sale priceFrom
Sold outWool Scarf Herringbone - MaroonWool Scarf Herringbone - Maroon
Buray Shawl, Mustard YellowBuray Shawl, Mustard Yellow
Buray Shawl, Mustard Yellow Sale price
Birds & Flowers Anything PouchBirds & Flowers Anything Pouch
Horse Riders Tote & Pouch Set, BlackHorse Riders Tote & Pouch Set, Black
Brown Tiger Eye MalaBrown Tiger Eye Mala
Brown Tiger Eye Mala Sale priceFrom
Horse Riders Tote & Pouch Set, NaturalHorse Riders Tote & Pouch Set, Natural
Horse Riders Laptop SatchelHorse Riders Laptop Satchel
Horse Riders Laptop Satchel Sale price
Ipad Case, Birds & Flowers - NaturalIpad Case, Birds & Flowers - Natural
Ipad Case, Birds & Flowers - BlackIpad Case, Birds & Flowers - Black
Ipad Case, Birds & Flowers - Black Sale priceFrom
Birds & Flowers Sling BagBirds & Flowers Sling Bag
Birds & Flowers Sling Bag Sale price
Birds & Flowers ToteBirds & Flowers Tote
Birds & Flowers Tote Sale price
Sold outFaces of Tibetan Makeup PouchesFaces of Tibetan Makeup Pouches
Dzi Makeup PouchesDzi Makeup Pouches
Dzi Makeup Pouches Sale price
Birds & Flowers Laptop SatchelBirds & Flowers Laptop Satchel
Sold outWool Scarf Light - Sky BlueWool Scarf Light - Sky Blue
Wool Scarf Light - Sky Blue Sale price