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Dharma Accessories

Ranging from objects of meditation such as altar with statue, meditation table, to malas and enveloping shawls, These pieces, imbibed in centuries of spiritual tradition, facilitate peace of mind and spiritual development.

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Traveler's Altar with Gilded BuddhaTraveler's Altar with Gilded Buddha
Traveler's Altar with Gilded Buddha Sale priceFrom $140 USD
Flowers and Vines Incense Burner (Large)Flowers and Vines Incense Burner (Large)
Bloodstone MalaBloodstone Mala
Bloodstone Mala Sale priceFrom $45 USD
Amethyst MalaAmethyst Mala
Amethyst Mala Sale priceFrom $45 USD
Malachite MalaMalachite Mala
Malachite Mala Sale priceFrom $35 USD
Brown Tiger Eye MalaBrown Tiger Eye Mala
Brown Tiger Eye Mala Sale priceFrom $45 USD
Sold outLabradorite MalaLabradorite Mala
Labradorite Mala Sale priceFrom $125 USD
Pearl MalaPearl Mala
Pearl Mala Sale priceFrom $140 USD
Rose Quartz MalaRose Quartz Mala
Rose Quartz Mala Sale priceFrom $40 USD
Rosewood MalaRosewood Mala
Rosewood Mala Sale priceFrom $15 USD
Sold outLapis Lazuli MalaLapis Lazuli Mala
Lapis Lazuli Mala Sale price$135 USD
Carnelian (High Quality) MalaCarnelian (High Quality) Mala
Flowers and Vines Incense Burner (Small)Flowers and Vines Incense Burner (Small)
Sold outBlue Turquoise MalaBlue Turquoise Mala
Blue Turquoise Mala Sale price$350 USD
Crystal MalaCrystal Mala
Crystal Mala Sale price$55 USD
Red Carnelian MalaRed Carnelian Mala
Red Carnelian Mala Sale priceFrom $50 USD
Yellow Tiger Eye MalaYellow Tiger Eye Mala
Yellow Tiger Eye Mala Sale priceFrom $35 USD
Sold outBrown Amber MalaBrown Amber Mala
Brown Amber Mala Sale price$680 USD
Sold outHowlite MalaHowlite Mala
Howlite Mala Sale price$125 USD
Sold outMeditation Table, PaintedMeditation Table, Painted
Meditation Table, Painted Sale price$165 USD
Meditation Table, NaturalMeditation Table, Natural
Meditation Table, Natural Sale price$195 USD
Incense Burner & Holder SetIncense Burner & Holder Set
Incense Burner & Holder Set Sale price$100 USD
Carved Incense Burner (Small)Carved Incense Burner (Small)
Sold outThe Wanderer's EssentialsThe Wanderer's Essentials
The Wanderer's Essentials Sale price$380 USD
Carved Incense Burner (Medium)Carved Incense Burner (Medium)
Sold outHome Meditation SetHome Meditation Set
Home Meditation Set Sale price$710 USD