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Carved Auspicious Symbols (Set)

Sale price$400 USD

The Eight Auspicious Symbols are found in all forms of Tibetan art, painted on walls, appliquéd on brocade, carved on wood and sculpted in clay. They represent the essential elements of happiness, health, prosperity and joy and their causes - merit and wisdom.

The set of eight wall hangings, each featuring one auspicious symbol are carved by our skilled woodwork artisans and painted with vibrant traditional colours.

1. Umbrella- royalty and spiritual power.
2. Golden Fish - good fortune, fertility and salvation
3. Treasure Vase - spiritual and material abundance
4. Lotus - mental and spiritual purity
5. Conch - the fame of Buddha's teaching
6. Endless Knot - infinite wisdom of the Buddha.
7. Victory Banner - victory of the Buddha's teaching and wisdom over ignorance
8. Wheel - the teaching of the Buddha.

Each piece is 7" W x 7" H (18 x 18 cm)

Carved Auspicious Symbols (Set)
Carved Auspicious Symbols (Set) Sale price$400 USD