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Vase of Treasure Applique Wall Hanging

$400 USD
63x32inches (160x81cms)

The Eight Auspicious Symbols have their origin in India, where they were offered to a king at the time of his coronation. Over time, they took on a religious significance, and are now commonly found depicted in various forms. In Buddhism, these offerings symbolize the gifts given to Shakyamuni Buddha by the worldly gods after his attainment of enlightenment, but can also represent various aspects of the Buddha’s enlightened body. The eight auspicious symbols are the most commonly used motifs in both Tibetan religious and folk art. Tibetans also have a wonderful tradition of drawing the auspicious symbols on the ground in powder or chalk to mark the arrival of a renowned religious teacher.

This applique wall hanging in the form of a vase, features all the 8 symbols. Appliqué is a special type of embroidery which makes use of many individual pieces to form an intricate patchwork design. Used mostly in Tibet for creating silk thangkas, we have adapted the appliqué technique to create beautiful home furnishings such as cushions, bedcovers, and wall hangings. Instead of the figures of deities, traditional Tibetan motifs such as flowers, animals, and auspicious symbols are created using the highest quality silks and cotton hand-woven at Norbulingka.

100% Dupion Silk.

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