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Birds of Shambhala Appliqué

Sale price$715 USD

Shambala is a mythical realm said to be located on earth, though not visible to the ordinary eye. Abounding with gardens, streams, snowy peaks, and beautiful music that seems to come from the air itself, Shambala is more like a paradise than any place on earth. The songbirds of Shambhala are not quite like those in our ordinary world. They are larger, more intelligent, and exceptionally good-natured. These magnificent birds nest in trees with sweet tasting fruits that cure all maladies.

Appliqué is a special type of embroidery which makes use of many individual pieces to form an intricate patchwork design. Used mostly in Tibet for creating silk thangkas, we have adapted the appliqué technique to create beautiful home furnishings such as cushions, bedcovers, and wall hangings. Instead of the figures of deities, traditional Tibetan motifs such as flowers, animals, and auspicious symbols are created .Lovingly hand-appliqued by our skilled appliqué artisans,

Dupion silk on Linen cotton base.

Finished with wooden dowels and knobs on top and bottom for easy hanging.

44" W x 80" H (112 x 203 cm)