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Carved Incense Burner (Medium)

Sale price$240 USD

The seven precious jewels - wheel, jewel, queen, minister, elephant, horse, and general, these symbolizes the seven possessions of the universal monarch - the chakravartin. The wheel and jewel are both symbols of his temporal and spiritual majesty, and the miraculous means of its accomplishment. The horse and elephant, as symbols of inexhaustible speed and strength, are his vehicles. The queen, minister and general are his trinity of love, wisdom, and power; their fidelity, his blessing. As a single or composite group these seven insignia are commonly placed as offerings before deities. Here, these are represented in simpler forms of a horn, square earrings of the minister, a branch of precious coral, the round earrings of the queen, the insignia of the general, a pair of elephants tusks.

The symbols are beautifully carved onto our incense burner by our woodwork artists, plain with natural wood finish. You can store your incense sticks in the drawer and the top compartment with lid is where the incense is burned. We suggest putting a thin layer of sand before you burn your first incense, so you don't damage the wood. The lid has a brass sheet cover to protect the wood. 

12x4.5x3in (31x12x8cm)

Learn more about Norbulingka's wood carving here and wood painting here.

Carved Incense Burner (Medium)
Carved Incense Burner (Medium) Sale price$240 USD